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Home of Connecticut Cultured Oysters. Proud growers of the “Mystic” oyster and members of the Noank Aquaculture Cooperative


locally grown

Connecticut Cultured Oysters is one of the growers of “Mystic Oysters”.

Our farm is located in historic Noank Connecticut and our oysters are harvested from the clean waters of Fishers Island Sound just south of Mystic, Connecticut. Our product is known for its distinctively scalloped shape, robust shells and plump meats.

They are some of the finest Virginica product on the planet.


farm fresh

Here at CT Cultured Oysters we grow 100% hatchery-reared product.  We are in control of the entire process from nursery to grow-out and harvest.  We are farmers in the truest sense of the word… even moreso than most… as we have to grow the very seed that we use every year.  Oyster cultivation has a long history in Connecticut… we continue that tradition and constantly strive to improve it.

your farmer

Shellfish are the ONLY commercially grown food in the United States where you… the consumer… are legally entitled to know exactly who, where and when your product was harvested. At CT Cultured Oysters, we encourage you to; “know your farmer”.


strong principles

Our methodology represents the pinnacle of sustainability. We plant oysters where there were none before, or where they had been cultivated many years ago.

Our beds provide spawning sanctuary from which new colonies of oysters have already sprung throughout the Mystic River system and our animals filter millions of gallons of estuary water every day.

Check out our Blog for tidbits on marine life sightings, area fishing reports, miscellaneous tidbits of interest.